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 Jutsu Rules and System (important)

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Jutsu Rules and System (important) Empty
PostSubject: Jutsu Rules and System (important)   Jutsu Rules and System (important) EmptySun Jun 23, 2013 9:13 pm

These are the rules of how the juts system works for our site.we don't believe in "buying jutsu"  better yet we will let you earn them and train them...why?...cause its only fair.

1.)All jutsu you learn must first be taught to you by someone who knows the jutsu(unless its an original jutsu you made) and is a higher rank then you.(for example suppose someone here knows a jutsu you want to learn or you just want a new jutsu to add to your list...well pm the person and let them know and meet up in rp some kind of way but be creative.) or talk to your kage.

  • 2.) You cannot and i do mean cannot learn 50 jutsu in one day....your allowed to be learning/training no more than 3 jutsu at one time.

  • have to train your jutsu..otherwise it wont get better..even if you wanna train by yourself,an admin or mod still has to see proof you have been training it,if you cant show us where you have been training it,or whom youve been training it with then your jutsu will stay at its current level.

4.)You can only use jutsu you can't magically start learning jutsu in the middle of a how it works.i suggest you either memorize or write down your juts or something...cause we will check lol.

5.)you can still use elemental jutsu even if your using clan jutsu as well,so dont think your limited to just one or the other.

6.)You can only learn jutsu within your rank.
                  Genin=D and C rank jutsu
                      Chuunin=B rank jutsu
                       Jounin=A and S rank jutsu

7.)You are allowed to make your own jutsu,but it cant be to over powering,and has to be within your element or elements.Must also be approved by an admin.
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Jutsu Rules and System (important)
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