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 Subaku no Kyusha

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PostSubject: Subaku no Kyusha   Subaku no Kyusha EmptySat Jul 20, 2013 11:53 pm

Let me introduce myself.

NAME: Subaku no Kyusha
- Alias: Kyusha the blood puppeter

AGE::She is 17 but she is pretty much more mature like 21 in mental age

ETHNICITY: anciently Sunakure

GENDER: She is a female.

What do you see when you look at me?

EYE COLOR: brown reddish for left eye and right eye is bleue
WEIGHT AND HEIGHT: Average in height 5"5 and she is light weighted

APPEARANCE DESCRIPTION:She has a long brown haired girl.She wears a black torso protector with a purple net shirt under she has three sumonning scroll for her three puppets (will be explained later on.She has a collars with Sasori sign on it gave to her by Kankuro at a young age.Most of the time she have her akatsuki cloak on and her akatsuki hat because she hates being reconised.When she was in Suna she wore almost the same thing but not the akatsuki cloak and instead of the akatsuki traditionnal pants she weared shorts and white bandages going up her legs with standart black ninja sandals and wore her headband around her neck,now she wears it around her left leg.Her casual clothing compose of a dark red kimono with sandals,She often leave her unatached and out of her hairs.She have a round face and large eyes she have freekles in the summers.She have long legs.She have 3 summoning scrolls for her 3 puppets.

Who am I really?

PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: She normally acts emotionless but in extreme fear or suprised she stays calm visually but if you know her good you can see she is stressed out.She hates fighting most of the time.In a joyfull momment she may give you a smile and a giggle in extreme joy she will cry of joy.If you make her mad tough wich is rare it will be etremly visible and you will probably regret it,when she is mad she looses control of her mind and become crazed wich isnt a good thing.If you trahish her she will be mad.When interacting with people she use polite therms because she respect everybody,she is really open minded and doesnt mind to be with weird people.Even with Suna people,but you are allready lucky if she descided to interact with you.She is extremly patient and it is really difficult to make her mad.Her thrust is hard to gain due to manny people who trahished her.She is really tolerent to pain.When you get to know here more shen is really kind and caring for the people she cares for,she is most likely only mefiant.When she is working on her puppet dont expect an answer because chance of getting a reply is so low you will probably not get one even tough she listend and remember everything you say or almost all of it.The only reson why she is in the akatsuki is because this way she can kill people without consequence.She is artistic and love putting accent on little details she is a true perfectionist tough and if something dont please her she start over.


She likes to listend to people
She like working on her puppets
She likes cat (random fact)
She really like her father
She likes nature
she likes calm


She absolutly hates being insulted but is tolerent to it
She hates fighting
She hates being disturbed while working
She dislike rainbows and flashie colors
dislike being in a mass of people
she hates communicating

HOBBIES:She makes puppet and draws plans for her puppets.She also tries to collecte pieces from Sasori's and Kankuro's puppets and she also tries to get Sasori (puppet)

DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES: Her goal is to be the best puppeter but she litterally seemed to abandoned since  Kankuro death.

I got some skills.

ELEMENT/'s: Sand release (doesnt use it exept in urgences)
VILLAGE: Sunakagure
RANK: Missing-nin S rank criminal

This is my story!

DATE OF BIRTH: 19 august

HISTORY: She was born in Suna on the 19 august she was raised by both of her parents and really cared for she was Kankuro little princess and at the age of 8 Kankuro told her how to use chakra thread.She has inerited of the sand release from her grandfather and knows how to use it due to Gaara help when she was 13.At the academie she was getting teased because she was artistic and not has strong has he uncle and dad were,she was a real cry baby and a emotion bomb wich does a big contrast to her the age a 13 She was a guenin and at the age of 15 a jonin.When her dad died when she was 15 and a half.When her dad died she became extremly emotionless and refused many missions not giving a shit about the village and really unhappy about her dad death even tough Gaara tried to make here happy she was 16 when she left village and now completly lost news of Suna after leaving the village.
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PostSubject: Re: Subaku no Kyusha   Subaku no Kyusha EmptySat Jul 20, 2013 11:57 pm

well done...accepted
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Subaku no Kyusha
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