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 Shedo the rapture god

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Ice bane

Ice bane

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PostSubject: Shedo the rapture god   Shedo the rapture god EmptyTue Jul 09, 2013 8:18 pm

Name: King, Shedo
rank wanted:I was drafted as kage of Iwagakure
Clan (if any):N/A atm

Yellow shirt
Blue Jeans
Blue laces
Black shoes
Gold & Diamond underwear XD

Personality: Shedo is a calm 18 year old adult his attitude towards others can be shallow if the person he is talking to is blind towards the truth and will turn against his best friend if he where to put the village of stone in danger.His village is his kin due to a tragic history the only people he trusts are the people of his village with a few people outside of his village.

Element choice: Wind, and earth.


Age: 5-7

As a child Shedo was always smothered his family.The King clan always had kekkei genkei but none of them could muster the strength to produce chakra. This said the family's chakra built up from generation to generation they where always called on for there Kekkei Genkei to stop fires or rouge ninja who used jutsus the clans kekkei genkei was able to pressure the problem (Whatever it maybe) into a circle it was then crushed by the gravity the circle produced.The kings clan was always on the rouge ninjas hit list but one rouge ninja took this job to kill this clan off would be to weaken the stone village's power. That night Shedo refused to go to bed hiding in a hole under his porch, the bugs didn't mind him but when he heard a crash in the kitchen he got scared. Shedo heard a scream coming from his sisters room it was muffled but he was under the house the noises from the house echoed under he went to his mothers room only to see a dark red liquid dripping he knew his mother had died he needed to at least save his sister he rushed to the floorboards under her room it was to late the ninja had made his way there his kunai was drawn as he brought it down on his sister the blood squirted everywhere across the room the most was on the ninja. Shedo looked at the bed the ninja was careless and stuck into the bed as shedo closed his eyes to pray for his sister, and mother the hole started leaking strange liquid it was thicker than water he knew what it was ... it was the blood of his once loved sister. he finally opened his eyes the blood was gone and he lied there lifeless as his father screamed he cried as the ninja patrol finally came they heard crying from the floor as they ripped it up to find Shedo crying the pain in his heart would not go away to have his whole clan be taken out in 1 night.


Shedo was taken to the kage where his fate would soon be he walked up to the muscular man he knew he want something of him Shedo knew no of what the man wanted.The man looked at shedo as if he was controlling him as he said one line that Shedo remembers over everything that man said "If you want to live follow otherwise die in that spot you are standing." The man said with a smirk. Shedo followed the man like he had a choice he didn't wanna die so he followed without a word.The man stop out front of a cage then looked back at shedo "This is it ... i hope you know what a tailed beast is" the man said with a sadistic smile. Shedo walked up to the cage it was made out of seals so the beast could not escape "A Tail beast is a beast made out of chakra that takes form of a animal correct" Shedo said before falling to the ground clenching to his eye in the most intense pain he had ever felt his eye was going black for to do something the man threw the boy to the floor preforming a sealing jutsu the beasts essence flowing into him his body felt like it had been hit by a mountain had fallen on him his screams filled the halls the beast was sealed with the most powerful seal the Iwaga had his eyes vision had focused as he realized his body needed the beast to survive he sat up as he clenched his stomach in pain it needed time to get stronger before being used so he looked at the man his eyes could now see a person true heart this mans heart was a evilly cold heart.The man pulled up Shedo not caring about his pain dragging him up the stairs to his office opening a secrete room where he stored Shedo for 2 weeks before making him a prison where Shedo would not be able to be free until the day he gain the rank anbu and was sent on his first mission only to be brought back by the kage and told he was to become the kage forcefully.END HISTORY(Shitty ending i had a better one but i lost it when the power went out :S this is what you get)

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PostSubject: Re: Shedo the rapture god   Shedo the rapture god EmptyWed Jul 10, 2013 12:43 am

only two elements but other than that approved

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Shedo the rapture god
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