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Name: Tee Shinkou
Age: 25
Village: Village Hidden In The Sand
rank wanted: Kazekage
Clan (if any): Shinkou Clan
Appearance: Tee is muscular and is 5'11. Tee's skin complexion is a tanish color. Tee has dark curly hair. He has crimson colored eyes. Tee wears his headband around his forehead. Tee has his clan emblem on his right arm. Tee when not in his ninja uniform bears his clan emblem on the back of his shirts. Tee has full lips and a small nose. Tee has pretty big ears. Tee has thick eyebrows. Tee has long eyelashes for a male. Tee also has a long scar on the middle of his back along his spine that goes all the way up to his next starting on his lower back
Personality: Tee is a very stoic individual meaning he doesn't generally show his emotion. He generally keeps a straight face giving people the impression he is always mad or mean. Tee is a very clumsy ninja often dropping things and tripping over rocks, Tee is also very ambitious and always has goals, Tee can get serious whenever he wants he just has to concentrate. Tee can be playful and goofy when he becomes familiar and comfortable. Tee is honest and does not like to tell lies unless he absolutely has to. Tee is very private and likes to keep his personal business to himself and he rarely opens up to anybody.

Element choice: Lightning, Earth
History: Tee was born In Suna but his life was hard. People seemed to magically attract to him. Tee always kept to himself but people always seemed to gravitate toward him as if he were a magnet. Tee as a toddler had his mother and father killed before his very eyes for unknown reasons. Tee didn't know why they were killed or who killed them. All Tee did was catch a glimpse of the symbol on the guys back which was that of Suna. As Tee got older he tried to gain information about the guy or his parents death but it was as if his parents never existed nobody remembered them or anything. So Tee eventually gave up the search because the other villagers were starting to believe that he was crazy. Tee grew up alone on the streets of Suna until he went into the ninja academy. One of the teachers there noticed his condition and offered him residence in his home for a while. Then the teacher bought Tee a small home which Tee was very grateful for. Till this day Tee still lives in that small house all by himself caring for himself without any help from anybody else. As he grew older and stronger as a genin the Kazekage at the time had recognized his skill and ability and deemed him worthy of Chunin rank. As a chunin Tee rarely went on missions with his squad, he mostly went on solo mission completing them to the upmost efficiency. After a while impressed with Tee's skill yet again the Kazekage thought Tee was worthy of becoming a jounin. As a jounin the Kazekage had wanted Tee to take on a Genin group and become a mentor but that's just not who Tee was he was not the mentoring type. So he did things solo growing stronger and stronger gaining the trust of the Kazekage soon becoming a Sanin because of his lone wolf like nature. Tee became a wanderer going from place to place helping and bearing the headband of Suna proudly wherever he went. During his travels it was brought to his attention that the Kazekage had passed away. Tee rushed back and an election took place. Somehow miraculously Tee gained the seat as Kazekage where he holds this position even till today.
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Tee Shinkou
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