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 Doton- Earth Style

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PostSubject: Doton- Earth Style   Tue Jul 02, 2013 7:50 pm

Name: Double Suicide Decapitation
Rank: D
Description: This technique conceals the user underground and drags the object of their attack down into the earth, with only their head above their ground while the rest of the body is under it.

Name: Mud Overturn
Rank: D
Description: Doton • Doro Gaeshi is a defensive Ninjutsu utilizing the Earth Element. After striking the ground with their hands, a large wall of earth will rise into place as defense. The defense is not perfect though, a hard or drilling impact can puncture the wall.

Name: Hiding Like A Mole Technique
Rank: C
Description: Doton • Moguragakure no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu utilizing the Earth Element. This technique allows the ninja to burrow into the ground and hide out of sight. This allows them to avoid attack or travel underground.

Name: Rock Shelter
Rank: C
Description: The user surrounds themselves with earth, taken from the immediate vicinity, in order to fabricate a formation of rock that is capable of protecting both the user and others in close proximity, if desired. Doing so, seemingly leaves the surrounding terrain unaltered, even when the quantity of earth used is enough to form a complete dome around multiple individuals.
The user can also manipulate the resulting shelter to have openings in it so as to be able to observe outside.

Name: Revolving Split Earth Palm
Rank: C
Description: Doton • Retsudo Tenshou is a Ninjutsu utilizing the Earth Element. This technique allows the ninja to control nearby stone and rock. When the ninja forms the needed handseals and slams their palm to the ground, surrounding rock will begin to churn and twist up crushing all those trapped within it.

Name: Rock Clone Technique
Rank: C
Description: A clone that is created of rock, after it has been expelled from the user's mouth. Unlike other clones, ones generated by this method do not disappear when struck with sufficient force, but rather break apart.

Name: Underground Fish Projection
Rank: C
Description: Doton • Dochuu Eigyo is a Ninjutsu utilizing the Earth Element. This technique is used for sneaking and striking silently, like a fish underwater, and then suddenly appearing to the ground's surface.

Name: Underground Submarine Voyage
Rank: C
Description: A technique that transforms the earth surrounding the user into a fluid, allowing them to close in on the enemy with high speed by swimming underground. Since being under the ground is a blind spot, the target has no warning; allowing the user to launch a surprise attack. By using this technique in conjunction with a weapon, it also gains great effect as an "assault ninjutsu".

Name: Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness
Rank: B
Description: Doton Kekkai • Dorou Doumu is a Ninjutsu utilizing the Earth Element. After striking the ground with their hands, The user is able to overturn the earth and cause it to rise up around their opponents. Placing their hands against the dome they are able to suck out the chakra from the people trapped inside and bring it into their own body. At the same time the user will use their own chakra to spread throughout the dome, this allows them to repair any damage their opponents manage to inflict on the inside. The chakra is not evenly spread out though, as the chakra flows away from tee user, it becomes more and more weak. Allowing the dome to be broken on the far side if hit by a hard enough force.

Name: Earth Style Split
Rank: B
Description: Doton • Doryuu Katsu is a Ninjutsu utilizing the Earth Element. The ninja will do the necessary hand seals, then place their hand to the ground. This will cause the earth to rise up and split apart. Once the ninja removes their hand from the ground, the earth parting will end.

Name: Dropping Lid
Rank: B
Description: The user creates a giant, boar-shaped, earthen lid high in the air that falls on the target, trapping them

Name: Earth Style rampart
Rank: B
Description: This technique makes a gigantic rampart rise up beneath the user's feet, by shaping the ground and increasing the amount of earth with chakra. Depending on what the user imagines, the shape of the rampart can be anything from level ground to a steep, needle-like mountain.

Name: Earth Spear
Rank: B
Description: The user flows chakra through all parts of their body causing it to become noticeably darker, which increases their defensive power to its utmost limits by making the skin as hard as diamond. Furthermore, the destructive power of physical attacks is increased, making this a great all-purpose technique. The amount of techniques that can break through the areas hardened by the Earth Spear are close to zero, excluding its undeniable weak point: Lightning Release ninjutsu.

Kakuzu demonstrated the ability to use this to cover himself partially (i.e. his hand and lower arm, and the side of his head) without using handsigns, which gave him a significant tactical advantage against ambushes.

name: Earth Fist
Rank: B
Description: By encasing their arm in rock, the user can deal a powerful hardened punch against an opponent while being protected from direct contact with their target. If necessary, the weight of the rock can be increased to further increase the punch's destructive power

Name: Earth Mausoleum Dumpling
Rank: B
Description: With chakra work and superhuman strength, Jirōbō lifts up the very surface of the Earth. The lump of earth is gigantic and the destructive power is obvious. But even just the visual impact can be enough to make enemies lose their fighting spirits and run away. The ball of earth is then hurled at his opponent, flattening everything in its path.

Name: Mud Wall
Rank: B
Description: The user creates a solid wall of earth as a form of defence. Chakra is either converted to earth within the body and then spat out to form the wall or the user can manipulate pre-existing earth to form the wall. The earth then instantly rises up and takes form. The barrier itself is also coated with chakra, making its strength incomparable to that of a normal mud wall. Because of the earth's special characteristics, the wall is highly resistant against, for instance, fire and water. Also, for a Kage-class shinobi it is possible to create a vast volume of earth. When used by Kakashi, he creates a wall composed of bulldog sculptures.

name: Stone Lodging Destruction
Rank: B
Description: Doton • Iwa Yado Kuzushi is a Ninjutsu utilizing the Earth Element. This technique allows the ninja to control nearby stone and rock. This can be especially useful if in a cave or a stone lodging. The technique can loosen the rocks and cause them to come raining down on whomever is trapped inside.

Name: Earth Dragon Projectile
Rank: B
Description: Doton • Doryuudan is a Ninjutsu utilizing the Earth Element. The ninja will do the necessary hand seals and create a dragon from the river of mud made after using the Doryuu Taiga technique. This dragon will then spew mud projectiles from its mouth.

Name: Earth Moving Care
Rank: B
Description: This technique grants the user the ability to lower or raise the ground in the surrounding area, allowing them to create giant holes or elevations in the ground. The size of the affected area as well as the depths that it is lowered or raised to is also up to the user. With precise timing, this technique can be used to evade incoming attacks, as well as to endanger opponents by moving them into the path of an oncoming attack reducing their reaction time as well as knocking them off balance, making it even harder to avoid the attack. Other than being moved below or above ground — relative to the surrounding surface — the terrain is not altered as plant life and people retain their same positions when this technique is used.

Name: Opening Earth Rising Evacuation
Rank: A
Description: With this technique, the user can bring up on the surface something that is deep underground. The targets are launched in air with great strength and speed, the result of which has the appearance and nearly size of an erupting volcano. It can force a large number of soldiers hidden underground to resurface all at once. The technique has only been performed by two users together.

name: Swamp of the Underworld
Rank: A
Description: Doton • Yomi Numa is a Ninjutsu used by the Sannin Jiraiya utilizing the Earth element. After forming the needed handseals, a vast swamp can appear beneath his target to sink and kill it.

name: Aggravated Rock Technique
Rank: A
Description: Doton • Kajuugan no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu utilizing the Earth Element. This process increases the weight of the object and can also be used against organic material. Sometimes, depending on the target, they'll be petrified and turned to stone.

Name: Golem Technique
Rank: A
Description: This technique allows the user to create a large, humanoid creature composed of rock that can either be expelled from the user's mouth or formed from a nearby, pre-existing source of earth. Depending on the user, the golem can be formed instantly.
The size of the golem differs depending on use, but it always possesses an ample amount of brute strength, being able to bite and tear through a White Zetsu clone. It is very durable, being able to withstand a point-blank explosion.This makes the golem ideal whether it be serving as additional support or simply as a mobile shield.

Name: Light-weight Rock Technique
Rank: A
Description: Contrary to its counterpart the Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique, instead of making the target heavier, this technique makes it much lighter. This allows freer manipulation of the affected objects, which would normally carry considerably more weight and as such, require a greater amount of exertion to move. The technique can be used on the user or other shinobi to increase their speed, but as a consequence of using it this way, it results in the decrease of the physical force of their blows

Name: Earthen Wall
Rank: A
Description: The user creates a solid wall of earth as a form of defence, manipulating a pre-existing ground to form the wall. The earth then instantly rises up and takes form. Though weak, the walls can serve as a makeshift blockade when formed by several users, slowing down large, powerful attacks.

name: Ultra Aggravation Technique
Rank: S
Description: A more advanced version of the Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique, in which the user drastically increases the weight of their target, but to a much greater extent than that of the original ability. Under certain circumstances, the technique can be used to increase the force behind attacks

Name: Ultralight weight Rock Technique
Rank: S
Description: This technique is a more advanced version of the Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique, in which the user drastically decreases the weight of their target, but to a much greater extent than that of the original ability. The user can use this technique to lift enormous objects that they normally wouldn't be able to such as a meteorite or an entire island.

Name: Great Moving Earth Core
Rank: S
Description: This technique grants the user the ability to freely lower or raise the terrain within a specific area surrounding them, in a similar manner to its parent technique, albeit on a much larger scale. This allows them to create giant holes or elevations in the ground, one of which was large enough to trap the Ten-Tails in.

name: Mountain Sandwich Technique
Rank: S
Description: The user creates two enormous rock formations that close in on the opponent from two opposing sides with tremendous force, smashing everything caught in between. Both of these formations are capable of dwarfing even the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path in size, and each one has the symbol of Iwagakure inscribed upon it. Kitsuchi stated that this was his strongest technique, standing as a testament to both this ability's destructive potential and its difficulty

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PostSubject: Re: Doton- Earth Style   Thu Jul 04, 2013 5:22 pm

Special Doton Ninjutsu
Clay Techniques ~ Bakuton (Explosion Release)
Bakuton is a higher level of Earth Release, and is infused in clay, thus creating explosive clay jutsus.

Name: Clay Clone
Rank: C
Description: A highly convenient technique, characteristic of Deidara. Above all other "clone techniques", this clone has the double role. It acts as a substitute and a trap for capturing the enemy. Made from clay, this clone can take attacks and capture the enemy by taking them into its own body. The clone shows its natural shape the instant a body goes through. While the clay changes in hardness, the enemy is skilfully immobilised. If explosive clay is added to the clone, it can then make itself explode, taking the enemy with it.

Name: C1
Rank: C
Description: Deidara's most basic and versatile form of explosive clay, that is created from a single palm mouth. These are small animated dolls that often resemble animals. Depending upon which variation is created, they will retain the abilities of the creatures they were modelled after, i.e. those resembling birds can still fly. This feature combined with their little independent explosive power, makes them excellent for covert operations. He can produce and release a significant number of them at high speeds.

Name: C2
Rank: B
Description: One of Deidara's specialities that requires the use of both of his palm mouths, creating a large dragon. The dragon itself is capable of flight, and, while Deidara is safely on its back, the dragon can spit out smaller clay figures that attack the opponent like guided missiles.
These independent missile-like creatures take the form of a greatly reduced version of the larger dragon that created them, however, despite this decrease in size they are still relatively larger than a normal person. Each is capable of tracking their intended target and producing a significant explosion proportional to size upon contact but as they emerge, they consume a substantial amount of clay from the original dragon, initially extracting it from the creature's tail. This ultimately limits the number that each C2 "Dragon" is capable of creating, before clay must be sacrificed from more vital areas, such as the body or wings. By using more clay, the missile's size and explosive power can be substantially increased.

The dragon can also produce clay mines at the expense of clay, that take the form of small spherical creatures, which can be subsequently manipulated to force opponents to fight in a limited space. This is achieved through the use of Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique, to hide a large amount of these mines underground, without the opponents' knowledge to their exact location. When this tactic is combined with the previously mentioned missiles, it can confine the enemies' movements to such an extent, that they are forced to suffer an explosion. After creating the C2 Dragon, Deidara has the clay dragon spawn numerous clay mines and has his partner bury them underground, thus allowing unsuspecting victims to walk on the mines which then explode.

Name: Suicide Bombing Clone
Rank: A
Description: After creating a shadow clone, it will then ingest some explosive clay and explode, creating a diversion that can be used to escape. With a "suicide bombing announcement" the enemy's wariness is heightened and this opportunity is used to switch places with a shadow clone. The explosion is said to be strong enough to destroy an entire forest. This technique requires an adept usage of verbal tricks; with this foundation of using many "arts" to trifle with the enemy, it certainly fulfils its purpose.

Name: C3
Rank: S
Description: Deidara's most powerful large scale bomb, that once activated becomes an enormous statue that Deidara drops on his target from above. Its explosive power was great enough to potentially destroy a large portion of Sunagakure.
In its first known demonstration, Deidara had already prepared the explosive clay for this attack. Once activated, the bomb instantaneously increases its proportions before being subsequently dropped, where it extends both its "arms" outwards until they are completely horizontal.

Name: C4
Rank: S
Description: A technique he created to counter the Sharingan and the genjutsu it produces, Deidara uses his own mouth instead of the ones on his hands to create a giant doll in his image. When the doll ruptures, it releases a cloud of microscopic bombs that enter the bloodstream of anyone who inhales them. On Deidara's command, the micro-bombs' detonation causes the victims' bodies to disintegrate at the cellular level; literally turning them into dust. While fighting Ōnoki, Deidara utilise an alternate method of C4 by forming a small, chibi-like clay statue of himself with the mouths in his hands

Name: C0
Rank: S
Description: The highest form of Deidara's explosive clay (his "Ultimate Art" (究極芸術, Kyūkyoku Geijutsu)), C0 is a suicide-bomb technique used as a last resort. Deidara reveals a mouth on his chest, which is stitched up. After undoing the stitches, Deidara feeds it a large ball of clay. The mouth on his chest has a direct connection to his heart so a large amount of chakra is built up. It then kneads chakra directly from the meridians of the heart and keeps doing it without interruption until the moment of the explosion. His explosive chakra then manifests itself in his veins, flowing through his body. These "veins" then condense into a sphere that slowly cracks open and detonates, producing a unique explosion that covers a ten kilometre blast radius.

Bakuton Techniques
Name: landmine Fist
Rank: A
Description: After establishing direct contact with their opponent through a simple punch, the user utilises Explosion Release to subsequently generate an enormous explosion from the initial point of physical contact. This explosion is powerful enough to completely obliterate an opponent far larger than the user. Due to the directionality of the blast, the user minimises any potential repercussions, such as being struck by resultant debris and even recoil appears to be completely negated. In the anime, Gari is able to use the technique on the ground to create a shockwave of upturned earth and debris to throw the enemy off balance. When used like this, the explosion is orange coloured instead of red.
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Doton- Earth Style
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