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 Luna Fangs the hokage

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Luna Fang-owner

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PostSubject: Luna Fangs the hokage   Luna Fangs the hokage EmptySun Jun 23, 2013 2:07 pm

Name: Luna Fang

Age (no older than 12 for students): 17

Village:  Konogakura

Clan (if any): none

Appearance: a petit woman with long silver hair and ice blue eyes. She wears a simple red kimono top with long light pants tied at her ankles. She wears different shoes that are more flats whenever she actually wears shoes. She has a blue crystal stone around her neck and as a wolf demon she has ears, fangs, claws and tail that she can conseal.

Personality: gentle by nature yet fierce in battle. She is kind to others but can have a temper, but because of her powers she keeps herself calm. She is very kind hearted and works well with others.

Element choice: fire and lightning.

History: grew up in a small village outside of the land of fire..was cast out as she is a half demon..not jinjuriki. She traveled far and met two senseis who taught her all she knows and even gave her her blades. She learned quickly and even though she was never accurately ranked she became known in the villages she went through. she continued to be weary though of others yet was kind to those who where kind to her.
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Luna Fangs the hokage
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