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Background and Information:
The Uzumaki clan was a prominent clan in Uzushiogakure. They were distant blood relatives of the Senju clan and as such, both were on good terms; an alliance that extended onto their hidden villages — Konohagakure and Uzushiogakure. The shinobi of Konoha integrated Uzushiogakure's symbol onto their uniforms and flak jackets as well as on the shoulders of their uniforms as a sign of friendship and goodwill between the two villages, and continue to do so to this day, in memory of their friendship even years after Uzushiogakure's destruction.

Members of this clan were very knowledgeable in the art of fūinjutsu, and were both respected, and feared worldwide because of their prodigious skill. Though noted to be crude in their methods, this however, eventually led to the destruction of Uzushiogakure and the rest of the Land of Whirlpools during the era of Shinobi World Wars, as other nations had begun to see the village as too great a threat to go unchecked. With the destruction of their homeland, the remaining survivors of Uzushiogakure fled their homeland and went into hiding, scattered all around the world. Throughout the series members as well as descendants of the clan have resurfaced such as KarinNagato from Amegakurealong with his parents. With some of them such as Mito and later Kushina having settled in Konoha, along with their ties, structures were built both in, and around the village such as the Uzumaki Clan's Mask Storage Temple.


Dead Demon Consuming Seal

Rank: S
Class: Offensive
Range: All

The Dead Demon Consuming Seal is a seal developed by the Uzumaki clan. It invokes the power of a spectral entity known as the Shinigami that can only be seen when it grasps one's soul. Once called upon, the Shinigami hovers behind the user and wraps its left arm with prayer beads, uttering some unintelligible chanting, and after some time a cursed seal appears on its arm. The soul of the summoner is then partially separated from the body and restrained by the Shinigami's hair as it thrusts its arm into the user's chest to grab the soul of its target. At the user's command, the Shinigami then performs the sealing by dragging the target's soul into the user whose stomach is branded with the seal's mark. However, the sealing is double-edged as the user's soul is devoured by the Shinigami along with the target's, both souls trapped for all eternity within the fiend's stomach.

It is also possible for the user to seal multiple targets through the use of shadow clones. The methods of sealing vary, Hiruzen needing to get close to his targets in order to perform the sealing, while Minato was able to extend the Shinigami's hand to grab Kurama.

In the two known cases where the Dead Demon Consuming Seal was used, Minato and his predecessor Hiruzen are unable to completely take their respective opponents' entire souls with them. In Minato's case, intending to seal Kurama in Naruto, he had the Shinigami devour Kurama's Yinchakra so that the weakened Tailed Beast's composition would be purely Yang. In Hiruzen's case, he was forced to take a part of Orochimaru's soul within his arms, revealing that the body parts dealt in such a manner suffer fromnecrosis and paralysis, causing the target extreme pain that worsens over time. Though Orochimaru undid the damage by entering a new host with working arms, he remained unable to form hand seals properly, and therefore could not use more intricate techniques such as Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation until he retrieved his arms' soul.

Dead Demon Consuming Seal: Release

Rank: N/A

Class: Supplmentary

Range: Short

This technique involves invoking the Shinigami using a mask from the Uzumaki Clan's Mask Storage Temple. From there the summoner is possessed by the Shinigami allowing them control over it, they can then force it to cut its own stomach resulting in the release of the souls sealed inside. Due to the possession however, the same damage will reflect on the invoker's own body.

After the souls are released, however, persons are free to do as they please with the souls.Orochimaru used this technique to free the souls of the Hokage along with that of his arms and then reincarnate them.

Eight Trigrams Seal

Rank: N/A

Class: Supplementary

Range: Close

The Eight Trigrams Seal, consisting of two Four Symbols Seals, was used by Minato Namikaze to help Naruto Uzumaki access the chakra of Kurama, the tailed beast sealed within him.

To perform the technique, the user must first summon a ceremonial throne and place the target on it. The seal was not automatically visible on Naruto's belly, but became perceptible whenever he drew Kurama's chakra.

Whenever Naruto and Kurama conversed, it occurred within Naruto's subconscious, which was depicted as a basement of a boiler room or a sub-level of a power plant, with pipes running across the ceiling and the floor being flooded over with water. On the entrance gate of Kurama's cage, there was a parchment of paper that said "seal", which covered the lock that kept the fox in. Minato also sealed his and Kushina's remaining chakra into Naruto with this seal. Minato appeared in Naruto's subconscious when Naruto transformed into his eight-tailed form, and restored the seal to its original strength, but he could only do it once. Kushina also appeared and assisted Naruto when he later fought Kurama to control its chakra.

Although the seal itself was seemingly destroyed during Naruto and Kurama's fight, it evolved into a new, stronger seal that consisted of massive torii that was capable of imprisoning the fox with ease after Naruto separated it from its chakra and merged with his own. The new seal's gate has the same lock as its previous one.

Four Symbols Seal

Rank: N/A

Class: Supplementery

Range: Close

This is a sealing technique based on the fūinjutsu of Uzushiogakure's Uzumaki clan. The sealing formula is used to seal any target into a human body or an object, and is mainly used when a giant enemy or evil spirit needs to be sealed away. To use it, it is necessary for the user to have great ability.

When two Four Symbols Seals are used together, they form the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style. When Minato sealed the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox intoNaruto Uzumaki, he left an opening at the space where the two four symbols seals met, allowing the Nine-Tails' chakra to mix with Naruto's own. Minato also left behind a key with Gerotora, could be used to freely manipulate the seal.

The seal also appears on the stomach of the users of the Dead Demon Consuming Seal after the target and the user's own soul is sealed in the death god's stomach, such as what happened toHiruzen Sarutobi after sealing Orochimaru's arms.

Uzumaki Sealing Technique

Rank: N/A

Class: Supplementary

Range: Close

After forming the necessary hand seals, the user slams their hand on the ground after which a sealing formula, that originates from the user's hand, forming underneath the target. When the seal activates, anything above the inscription is sealed within the formula itself.
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