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 Sitara Sakamoto

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PostSubject: Sitara Sakamoto   Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:36 am

Name:Sitara Sakamoto
*general looks like my profile picture*
appearance:Sitara is a short boy who has the body of what you would think is an 8 year old,he has long red hair touching his back and big blue eyes,he has constant faint blush on his cheeks and wears a plain black shirt with a black coat with the collar up and black shorts to match it.he also wears a blue scarf around his neck that covers his headband.wearing the average ninja shoes.his carries his dark greyish scythe on his back.another times he is wearing the mizukage hat and coat.
personality:friendly,funny,adventurous,curious,outgoing,intelligent,tactical,loud,lazy,sarcastic,fearless.Sitara has a multitude of personalities depending on how is feeling at the moment with his biggest trait being lazy.
element:water and earth
history:Sitara sakamoto was born in the hidden waterfall village(takigakure) a small village with a decent amount of shinobi who live there,growing up in the peaceful village he was always bullied when learning ninjutsu and taijutsu because of his size.people never really understood sitara and he tried hard to prove himself but had difficulties.soon after Sitara's farther shubuki was killed during a mission and sitara's mom didn't feel safe as she was in takigakure.Him and his mother then moved to kirigakure about a year later.Sitara was still young and didn't know much but he attended the academy there and his mother trained him all she knew.during the a raid from another village kirigaure was attacked and both sitara and his mother were in danger.With only one option to protect him she sacrificed herself and sealed the 3 tails inside of Sitara(as she was the previous jinchuriki).Sitara is currently 17 and the mizukage of the mist village,always remembering what his mother did to save him that sorrowful night.
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Sitara Sakamoto
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